Outputs gallery

All documents below are generated using R Markdown on a daily basis using the latest data from the cryptocurrency markets (Bitcoin and Ethereum only).

html document

This creates a .html document that stacks the results on top of each other. The most basic kind of page that can be made using R Markdown. Reminiscent of Jupyter notebooks.

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A straightforward way of creating interactive dashboards which take user input and execute code based on user selections.

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reveal.js presentation

Create beautifully animated presentations that leverage the reveal.js framework.

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bookdown document

Create great documentation that is structured like a book using the bookdown package.

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learnr tutorial

Create interactive multi-chapter tutorials that allow users to input and run their own code to answer questions.

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slidy presentation

Create presentations leveraging the slidy framework.

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xaringan presentation

Create xaringan presentations, which leverage the remark.js framework.

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beamer presentation

Create presentations leveraging the beamer framework.

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Create presentations leveraging the ioslides framework.

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Create powerpoint presentations

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pdf document

Create pdf documents

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word document

Create Word (.docx) documents

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tufte handout

Create tufte handout documents