Welcome to the unofficial R Markdown gallery! 
This website showcases the many different kinds of output documents you can produce using R Markdown, and refreshes all outputs daily with new data.

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Interactive Documents

WHY R Markdown

Open Source

R Markdown is a powerful Open Source tool which can be used for public research but also for powerful commercial applications. All code is publicly available here.


R Markdown allows the user to leverage many different programming languages within the same document, and even have them communicate with each other in some cases.

Output Options

The same code can be used to create many different types of documents. All documents on this website use the same underlying R and Python code.

GitHub Repository

The content shown on this website is all saved on GitHub. The output of each individual document is refreshed once a day and uploaded to the repository on GitHub, where all files that make up this website are saved: 

Submit new formats

Are any formats missing? Create an issue on GitHub and it will be added to the gallery right away!