This website has nothing to do with RStudio, this is an unofficial website created by one user who really enjoys working with R Markdown and showing its possibilities. You can learn more about R Markdown in the page embedded below, which is the official website by the company RStudio, who are responsible for maintaining the R Markdown ecosystem.

Website Daily Update Process

Additional Information

  • This website was created and is maintained by Riccardo (Ricky) Esclapon
  • See the GitHub repository associated with the website: https://github.com/ries9112/R-Markdown-Gallery
  • Why bother making this unofficial R Markdown gallery when RStudio has made one themselves? First, because the content available on the website has become outdated and to show more variety over time (including formats maintained by users in the community instead of only those officially supported by RStudio), but secondly to illustrate the fact that these documents can be run over and over again on a new subset of data for a new analysis, and that these tools work great even for those who work with Python or work within a large organization.